Authentication Label

authentication label

How to Identify Genuine Xerox / FUJIFILM Business Innovation Supplies

XEROX Authentication Label

  • Xerox and FUJIFILM Business Innovation use an "authentication label" on supplies packaging (such as toner cartridges, customer replaceable units).
  • The authentication label is a small (3.3 x 1.3 cm), Xerox-branded holographic label used to verify the authenticity of an item as "Genuine Xerox", and commonly applied for both Xerox and FUJIFILM Business Innovation supplies.



How to identify Genuine Xerox / FUJIFILM Business Innovation Supplies

  • When you find the authentication label on Xerox / FUJIFILM Business Innovation supplies packaging, please check the following features of the label:
  • Presence of label, comparable to sample pictured above.
  • Serial number printed on right side of label.
  • Barcode code printed along bottom edge of label.
  • Most importantly, the background changes between 4 different messages, "GENUINE", "ORIGINAL", "VERITABLE" and "AUTHENTICO", at different viewing angles.



Current products with the label

  • For FUJIFILM Business Innovation brand products, most of printer supplies are with the authentication label. Some genuine FUJIFILM Business Innovation supplies including the ones for multifunctional devices are still without the label. These cartridges should not be mistaken as counterfeits just because they do not carry the authentication label. FUJIFILM Business Innovation plans to continue with a rollout of the label on other supplies packaging in the future.
  • For Xerox brand products, the majority of toner and ink cartridges for Production and Office products carry the authentication label. Selected authentic low volume products do not have the label and should not therefore be considered counterfeit.

    Authentication label with the new XEROX logo has been introduced

  • Xerox and FUJIFILM Business Innovation have introduced the authentication label with our new logo. For certain period, there will be 2 types of labels, one with the new logo and the other with the old logo. Both are genuine Xerox / FUJIFILM Business Innovation products and either should not be mistaken as counterfeits.
  • The features to be checked for the authenticity remain the same.